Deformation Mechanism in Graphene Nanoplatelet Reinforced Tantalum Carbide using High Load In situ Indentation
C. Zhang, B. Boesl, L. Silverstoni, D. Sciti, A. Agarwal

Materials Science and Engineering A 674 (2016) 270-275

Investigations of Ar ion irradiation effects on nanocrystalline SiC thin films
V. Craciun, D. Craciun, G. Socol, S. Behdad, B. Boesl, C. Himcinschi, H. Makino, M. Socol, D. Simeone

Applied Surface Science 374 (2016) 339-345

TaC-NbC Formed by Spark Plasma Sintering with the Addition of Sintering Additives
C. Rudolf, A. Agarwal, B. Boesl.

Journal-Ceramic Society Japan 124, 4 (2016) 381-387

Structural and Mechanical Properties changes induced in nanocrystalline ZrC Thin Films by Ar Ion Irradiation
D. Craciun, G. Socol, D. Simeone, S. Behdad, B. Boesl, B.S. Vasile, V. Craciun.

Journal of Nuclear Materials 468 (2016) 78-83

In Situ Mechanical Testing Techniques for Real-time Materials Deformation Characterization
C. Rudolf, B. Boesl, A. Agarwal

JOM 68 (2015) 136-142

Splat Sliding in Cold Sprayed Coatings
Arvind Agarwal (PI), Benjamin Boesl (Co-PI)

Sept 2016 – Sept 2017, Army Research Laboratory

DURIP: Acquisition of In Situ Nanoindenter for Studying Deformation and Damage Mechanisms in Nanocomposites and Small Scale Features
Benjamin Boesl (PI), Arvind Agarwal (Co-PI)

June 2016 – June 2017, Office of Naval Research, N00014-16-1-2604

Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF)
C. Zhang

Summer 2016 – Fall 2016, FIU University Graduate School

Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF)
C. Rudolf

Spring 2016 – Summer 2016, FIU University Graduate School

Advanced Materials Response and Design through an Understanding of Manufacturing Science
Benjamin Boesl (PI)

Sept 2015 – Sept 2020, Army Research Laboratory, W911NF-15-2-0106