EML 4501 syllabus


Catalog Description:

Continuation of design analysis of elementary machine elements, including lubrication bearings, and gearings. Introduction to advanced analysis techniques. Gear geometry, force, and nomenclature. Traditional and planetary gear trains. Design of spur, helical, bevel and work gears. Rollers, ball and journal bearings. Brakes,  clutches, belts and chains.



EML 3500 Mechanical Design I.


Course Objectives:

1. This course presents a review of mechanical elements such as gears, ball and journal bearings, belts, brakes, and so on.

2. Introduction to gear geometry and reaction forces. Gear trains. Traditional and  epicyclic/planetary gear trains. Spur, helical, bevel and worm gears. Design of spur and helical gears using AGMA procedure. Review of bevel and worm gear selection procedure.

3. Ball bearing design, selection of ball and cylindrical bearings, deep groove ball bearings, roller bearings. Journal bearings. Bearing characteristic number. Use of Raimondi-Boyd charts.

4. Open-ended design project to integrate various components.

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