EML3500: Mechanical Design I

Introduction to the design process. Review of static and dynamic loading, resulting normal and shear stresses, principal stresses. Engineering materials, static and fatigue failure theories. Machine element design including screws, bolts, fasteners, welded joints. Open-ended design projects.


Semester Taught: Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016


EML4501: Mechanical Design II

Continuation of design analysis of elementary machine elements, including lubrication bearings, and gearings. Introduction to advanced analysis techniques. Gear geometry, force, and nomenclature. Traditional and planetary gear trains. Design of spur, helical, bevel and work gears. Rollers, ball and journal bearings. Brakes, clutches, belts and chains.


Semester Taught: Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015


EML4905: Capstone Senior Design

Supervision and evaluation of capstone senior design projects


2016 Design of Airfoils for VAWT (E. Moore, M. Dennison, E. Gutierrez)

2015 NASA Hybrid Rocket Launch Team (M. Gonzales, G. Lombarid, C. Hayes)

2014 Nanoindenter Force Converting Stage (P. Wong, J. Carbillo, E. Camacho)

2014 Pneumatic Torque Wrench (R. Lucia, M. Hildago, L. Cruz)

2014 Hanford Tank Inspection Device (G. Vazquez, D. Giraldo, J. Arenilla)

2014 GLOBAL Bike (X. Prugue, R. Ruyani, J. Goolcharan)

2014 Sub Automatic (C. Bonilla, O. Tavares, D. Peija)

2013 Prototype Magnetic Refrigerator (M. Lizano, F. Iriarte, E. Garcia)

2013 Adjustable Spinal Cage (P. Medrono, C. Dominguez, J. Crisp)

2013 Material Selection Mechanism (H. Garcia, J. Rocha, M. Mohamadapour)

2013 Highway Wind Capture Device (B. Champagnie, A. Simonis, G. Altenor)