Imaging is completed using a JEOL dual beam focused ion beam. The electron gun is mounted vertically and has high resolution capabilities. The liquid gallium ion gun is mounted at a 52° angle to the electron gun. A microtome is used to plane the sample which is then mounted on a 45° SEM stub and coated with a Au for electrical conductivity. The high contrast of the images obtained by differences in atomic number between constituents. Charging of the polymer matrix is also avoided by the alternating passes of the negatively charged electron beam and the positively charged ion beam.


3D Reconstruction
Slice and view images reconstructed from approximately 100 square slices are shown in the bottom right corner. A 3D surface image of the dispersion of zinca particles is shown below. The primary images are approximately 5 square microns and the slices are 30 nm thick



Download our MATLAB Code for Dispersion Quantification

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